"This is a critical time in our city. The growing Nashville population puts pressure on Oak Hill’s infrastructure and natural resources. 

We need strong, knowledgeable leaders. Oak Hill deserves leaders who listen to constituents, build community with neighbors, and provide professional experience that directly impacts our community. I am that candidate." -Zach

Protect Our Natural Resources

Radnor Lake State Park is a jewel but not the only great natural resource of our city. Oak Hill's green spaces are a big part of its charm. I will work to protect our urban canopy, preserve our city's lush landscape, and improve our storm water management.

Keep Our Neighborhoods Residential

Residential zoning keeps neighborhoods quiet and safe. Let's make sure our community stays that way.

Uniting Our City

The COVID-19 pandemic has underlined the importance of communication and checking in with our neighbors. I will invest in resources that allow information to be freely available and help to foster platforms and spaces where every member of our Oak Hill community has a voice.

Invest in Our Infrastructure

The 2010 flood was devastating. We need to improve our storm water drainage to protect our homeowners and their families.


Our city's infrastructural requirements are complex. I bring technical knowledge of roadway development, storm water management, and urban forestry plus real industry experience in working with local agencies to get things accomplished.

Uniting Our City

Let's get to work, get to know our neighbors so we can build a stronger Oak Hill.